Rally your organization around a critical issue for all Torontonians: affordable housing. Meet and help fellow citizens in need, while at the same time building employee teamwork, morale and a sense of corporate responsibility.

  • 61% of Millennials feel personally responsible for making a difference in the world- 2007: Cone Millennial Study (Born 1979-2001)
  • 89% of those familiar with their companies cause programs feel a strong sense of loyalty to their employers - 2007: Cone Millennial Study (Born 1979-2001)
  • 93% say it's important for their companies to provide them with opportunities to become involved in social issues - 2007: Cone Millennial Study (Born 1979-2001)


Strategic Corporate Partnerships

There are many ways for your corporation to support Habitat for Humanity Toronto. We are proud to offer a ‘tool box’ of ideas to foster an integrated partnership approach to corporate philanthropy.






Habitat Toronto is grateful for all of its Corporate Sponsors. See how our partners are supporting Habitat Toronto.




For more information on how your corporation can get involved contact Angela Solomos at 416-755-7353 x 235.


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